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Roman Pérez Velasco

Organització Mundial Salut

Tècnic, Medi Ambient i Salut - Oficina Regional de l'OMS per a Europa

Breathing clean: a comprehensive look at WHO global air quality guidelines two years in

The global air quality guidelines (AQG) provide recommendations for protecting human health in the form of AQG levels for PM₂.₅, PM₁₀, O₃, NO₂, SO₂ and CO. Additionally, they offer interim targets to guide reduction efforts towards achieving these levels and good practice statements on certain types of PM. Key features of these guidelines are: the use of new methods for evidence synthesis and guideline development; higher certainty in the evidence of health effects occurring at lower levels than previously understood; new AQG levels (i.e. peak season O₃ and 24-hour NO₂ and CO) and interim targets; and the good practice statements.


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